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Shanghai Leidi was invited to attend the Symposium


         On the morning of 26 May, hosted by the underground pipeline Specialized Committee of the China Urban Planning Association and the underground pipeline Specialized Committee of Zhengzhou urban and Rural Planning Association, the "underground pipeline planning, relocation and Protection Seminar of urban rail transit" jointly organized by Zhengzhou Rail Transit Co., Ltd. was held in Zhengzhou.

          More than 200 experts, scholars or researchers will focus on the mechanism construction, management system, policies and regulations, coordination process and work plan of underground pipeline planning, relocation and protection in rail transit construction. Guide for hidden trouble investigation, comprehensive planning and construction of integrated pipe gallery and rail transit, etc., as well as the contents of new technology application such as fine geophysical exploration, underground pipeline detection, inertial positioning, and non-destructive excavation of underground pipeline 3D platform system.

          At present, Zhengzhou Rail Transit has operated 93.6 kilometers of three lines, and built 218 kilometers of nine lines and 145 stations. Such a large scale of construction is accompanied by the huge volume of underground pipeline relocation and the higher requirements for pipeline planning, relocation, and protection, as well as pipelines, such as water, heat, gas, rain, sewage, power, communications and other pipelines. Shanghai Leidi will continue to innovate in high-tech products; comprehensive technical support and service products. We will vigorously promote the planning and implementation of pipeline relocation at subsequent stations.